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Our new conservatory

Enjoy nature inside while getting the views of the outside in our newly built conservatory.

This isn't just iniWings!

This isn't just iniWings! because our Wings are

100% All Natural

Feed Free of Animal byproduct

Antibiotic Free

Hormone Free

Cage Free

Preservatives Free

iniWing Pleasanton

4233 Rosewood Drive #11
Pleasanton, CA 94588

iniWing Fremont

44029 Osgood Rd. #140
Fremont, CA 94539

100% Halal in partnership with Crescent Foods

You can taste the difference!


6 Wings

12 Wings

24 Wings

48 Wings

6 Wing Combo

8 Wing Combo

10 Wing Combo

Tender Boxes

3 Tender Box


4 Tender Box


Family Boxes

24 Wings Family box


48 Wings Family Box


Fries and Sides

iniwings  fries

Grilled Chicken BBQ Fries

iniwings  fries

Crispy Chicken Buffalo Fries

iniwings  fries

Nashville Hot FrySlaw

iniwings  fries

Crispy Chicken Nacho Fries

iniwings  fries

Buffalo Ranch Fries

iniwings  fries

Spicy Garlic Fries

iniwings  fries

Bacon & Cheese Fries

iniwings  fries

iniLoad Fries


iniwings Drinks


iniwings Drinks

Diet Pepsi

iniwings Drinks

Sierra Mist

iniwings Drinks

Orange Crush

iniwings Drinks

Root Beer w/real sugar

iniwings Drinks

Lemon Berry Acai w/real sugar

iniwings Drinks

Agave Vanilla Cream w/real sugar


iniwings  deserts

Deep Fried Cheesecake

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